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A new review will be posted every two weeks, on Sunday evening.....All of the DVDs reviewed here are (or were!) commercially available for purchase.  We will list a few highlights from each of the DVDs, having mined them for the moments that make endorphins flow, pleasure centers pop, and smiles break wide.


Posted 1/12/20.....

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FILLMORE:  THE LAST DAYS.....(DVD released in 2009)

  • This single-disc DVD is a music documentary about the final shows at promoter Bill Graham’s famous Fillmore West venue in San Francisco.
  • The performances were recorded from June 30 through July 4, 1971 and showcase the acts that Graham put on stage through the years at this storied venue.
  • The film was released in 1972.  It ain’t no Last Waltz in terms of production values, but as a testament to the thriving music scene of the late 1960s and early 1970s, it’s a keeper.
  • The split-screen shots, a la Woodstock, add to the smile-inducing flashback effect of watching this now forty-seven year-old film.
  • Musicasaurus.com’s recommended tracks:
    • “You Got Me Hummin’ ” by Cold Blood - The pint-sized lead singer for this rock and funk powerhouse of a band is Lydia Pense, and she growls and yowls a lot like her contemporary, Janis Joplin (who reportedly recommended the band to Graham for eventual booking).  Cold Blood also features a sizzlin’ horn section, but it is Pense’s performance that raises temperatures, and almost the roof.
    •  “Uncle Sam’s Blues” by Hot Tuna - Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady anchor this blues-based outfit, and here violinist Papa John Creach gives the performance a saucy swing quotient as well.
    • “Fresh Air” by Quicksilver Messenger Service - This guitar-driven outfit says “happy trails” to the Fillmore by playing one of their signature tunes from their fourth album Just For Love, a more rock song-oriented record than the preceding Quicksilver releases that trafficked in more expansive music tinged with psychedelia, blues and jazz.
    • “White Bird” by It’s A Beautiful Day - An interesting curio...The performance is so-so, and it’s truncated and interrupted by some of Graham’s musings about the Flower Power generation, but it may be the only decent footage of this genre-blending San Francisco band that never quite ascended to widespread reverence and success like their San Francisco peers.
    • “Incident At Neshabur” and “In A Silent Way” - Santana - A percolating, percussion-driven jam that ebbs and flows, “Incident At Neshabur” is a song from the band’s classic 1970 album Abraxas.  This is followed by a jazz-rock spin on Miles Davis’ classic composition “In A Silent Way”, and in a way, it foretells the future directions of Carlos Santana in various side projects and exploits to come...
  • Other Artists featured on the disc:  Lamb, Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia with The New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Grateful Dead, and The Elvin Bishop Group.





Posted 12/29/19.....

A COUPLE OF CONCERT DVD RELEASES BY FEMALE ARTISTS.....Here are two compelling women singer/songwriters in live performance...and musicasaurus' favorite track from each of their DVDs.

JEWEL.....from Live At Humphrey’s By The Bay.....released in 2002.

  • Originally from Alaska, Jewel started singing at an early age and went through stretches of “living out of a van” in California in order to break into the music business.  Once she signed with Atlantic Records, it took a year or more for her debut album—1995’s Pieces of You—to truly dent the public consciousness to a large degree. 
  • On this 2002 DVD, Jewel—road tested and dues certainly paid—gives a captivating performance that exudes confidence and poise, and her vocal skills are flat-out amazing.
  • Standout track:  “Who Will Save Your Soul” (a song that originally appeared on Jewel’s debut record, and the first to “break wide” with the public).....Almost 7 minutes in length, this is an odyssey of build-and-release, full of sensuality.  Jewel eases in and out, and dips and soars, through the vocal registers; near the end of the song there is a moment of one longheld note that induces astonishment and triggers an almost jaw-dropping reaction (happened to me, at least).  Heavy praise, I know—but it is one of those “concert moments” that we live for...

TORI AMOS.....from Welcome to Sunny Florida.....released in 2003.

  • Tori Amos, who started on piano at the age of four, has carved out a niche as a unique and talented artist who’s won over alternative fans as well as ‘70s singer-songwriter aficionados.  Vocally a bit similar to Kate Bush, she has reestablished the piano as a rock ‘n’ roll instrument (if ever it was in doubt).
  • This concert was filmed at the then-named Sound Advice Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida.  It is Tori on keyboards (Wurlitzer and Rhodes) with just two other musicians: Jon Evans on bass and Matt Chamberlain on drums.
  • Standout track:  “Cornflake Girl” (a song originally on 1994’s Under The Pink album).....The song takes a few minutes to actually commence.  After a couple of minutes of Amos talking to the audience, the song kicks off with a sinewy drum beat, bass, and then that piano...This is a superior performance captured in great “live” sound, and this three-piece unit rocks.  Amos has great command of her key instruments—her voice and her fingers.  The piano solos in this funky, rhythmic six-minute spectacle are intense, as Amos stands up from the piano bench and ignites the ivories.  Intoxicating...Seek it out...Enjoy!





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A MusiCares Tribute to Neil Young.....(DVD released in 2011)

A friend alerted me to this DVD release that features 17 performances of Neil Young material and the artist line-up is eclectic and all over the map—true to the spirit of Mr. Young himself.  The roster includes Dave Matthews, Keith Urban, John Fogerty, Ozomatli, CSN, Lady Antebellum, Wilco, Ben Harper, Dierks Bentley, Elvis Costello, Josh Groban, and many others.

The MusiCares organization was first established in 1989 by the Recording Academy to benefit ailing and/or financially distressed musicians, and in 2010 boasted the largest number of clients served in its history—more than 2,200 members of the music industry had received needed funds via a grand total of more than $2.5 million in direct financial assistance.

Each year, the organization honors an individual in the business who, as the DVD liner notes say, “has made important contributions to the world of music and has demonstrated extraordinary humanitarian and philanthropic efforts.”

On the evening of January 29, 2010, Neil Young was feted at the MusiCares gala event in Los Angeles...One overarching comment here: Young is an amazing talent, and though I enjoyed the performances on this disc from his peer admirers, there’s simply nothing like taking journeys through the past with the man himself.

Musicasaurus.com’s recommended tracks:

1. “The Needle & The Damage Done”by Dave Matthews- It’s Dave unadorned, just solo acoustic (befitting the song).

2. “Ohio” by Ben Harper - Kind of a reinvention here by Harper...He has a slide guitar on his lap and he’s “zoned” into a passionate rendering with just three female vocalists as accompanists.   

3. “Helpless” by Elton John & Leon Russell - Perhaps the best of the lot...Elton and Leon are in fine form, facing each other, fingers flying over their ivories.  Guesting on the choruses are Sheryl Crow and Neko Case.

Musicasaurus.com’s honorable mentions, in several categories:

1. Quirky, Maybe Even Cool:  “Harvest Moon” by Josh Groban - Groban is playing piano, and the back-up musicians are perfectly in synch with all the right, light touches, but...but...it’s just a bit too much like a TV variety showkind of performance.  Groban does have the pipes, though.

2. Nice Try, but No Cigar:  “Rockin’ In The Free World” by Keith Urban and John Fogerty - Not that this is bad or embarrassing, there’s just not a real lift-off—and when you’ve seen Neil Young do this, or even Pearl Jam, it’s at a whole different level.

3. Best Dressed (couldn’t leave out this award; it’s L.A.):  Norah Jones, sleek and stunning in a black dress, sings “Tell Me Why” and it’s a near-perfect cover with that voice…Jones is accompanied by Sasha Dobson, a bandmate from one of her musical collaborations called Puss n Boots. 





Posted 12/1/19.....

Steve Hunter – Tone Poems Live...(DVD released in September 2014)





Posted 11/17/19.....

Jethro Tull – Nothing Is Easy: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970... (released in 2004 by Eagle Vision).





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Julia Fordham – That’s Live... (released in 2005 by Vanguard Records).





Posted 10/20/19.....

Legends Live At Montreux 1997 – Eric Clapton, Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller, Joe Sample and David Sanborn... (released in 2005 by Eagle Rock Entertainment).





Posted 10/6/19.....

APPALACHIAN JOURNEY LIVE IN CONCERT – Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O’Connor...Sony Classical (2000).





Posted 9/22/19.....

LIVE FROM ABBEY ROAD – Best of Season One...Fremantle Media Enterprises (2007).





Posted 9/8/19.....

One of television's music incubators, starting in 1975...

Saturday Night Live / 25 Years of Music / Performances and Sketches......released on DVD in 2003 (Warner Reprise Video)





Posted 8/25/18.....

Here’s a Double Shot of Required Viewings...And a Standout Track from each:

1.) LEON RUSSELL AND THE NEW GRASS REVIVAL (self-titled release)






Posted 8/11/19.....

Amnesty International Presents RELEASED!  The Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998 - A 2008 MVD Entertainment Group release





Posted 7/28/19.....

I’ve got a one-track mind when it comes to certain DVDs.....so here ‘tis from the Coors, My Morning Jacket, and Ray Charles. 








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SOUNDBREAKING / Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music (2016 PBS television series)

Here’s a gem if you missed it during its premier broadcast on PBS in the Spring of 2016, or through occasional rebroadcasts.  It’s available now on DVD in a four-disc set containing all eight episodes, and one doesn’t have to be a music insider to appreciate this march toward creative freedom and innovation in the world of music production.

Interest level is maintained throughout because of the masterful editing and the “sound" content—landmark recordings dissected gleefully by hands-on producers like George Martin (the “fifth Beatle” at all Abbey Road recording sessions) and Rick Rubin (who benevolently nurtured disparate artists from the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy to Neil Diamond and late-career Johnny Cash)…a multitude of artist interviews including Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Devo, Ben Harper, Roger Waters, Dr. Dre, Brian Eno, Nile Rodgers, The Black Keys and Annie Lennox…and a fascinating look, of course, at the initial springboard of recording technology in the 1960s and the innovations that followed, fueled by tech, trends and artistic creativity. 

It’s all here…rock, rap, MTV, disco, Dylan-gone-electric, EDM, sampling, streaming, and what’s bubbling up (hold onto the handrails).

A great collection, vetted by musicasaurus.com and his non-music industry couch mate Mary Ellen, who was used as the “control” in this viewing experiment and whose enthusiasm jumped the baseline into something close to awe…






Posted 6/30/19.....

Here’s a way for you to pick up a great DVD and support PBS at the same time:  Go to this website—https://shop.pbs.org/the-best-of-bluegrass-underground-vol-2-dvd/product/BLUN602—and lay your $$ down.  You’ll be getting a real find from the underground—the DVD of The Best of Bluegrass Underground, Volume 2. 

This compilation, from a taping 333 feet below the surface in Tennessee’s 32-mile long Cumberland Caverns, holds performances household names in the Bluegrass realm, and some a bit more recognizable.  The concert area proper is called the Volcano Room amphitheater and the acoustics are marvelous.

The Volume 2 Best Of DVD features a fairly wide-ranging bunch of artists, old and new, including Leon Russell, Lucinda Williams, Old Crow Medicine Show, North Mississippi Allstars, Jason Isbell, Del McCoury Band, The Civil Wars, David Grisman FolkJazz Trio, and more.

The highlight of the line-up is a performance by Andrew Bird entitled “Danse Caribe” (originally from the 2012 album Break It Yourself).  A four-piece acoustic band (inclusive of Byrd) is poised and pitch perfect on the instrumentation as well as on voice.  Eyes closed, lead singer Byrd absolutely swings with the flow of the four-piece's perfectly nailed notes.  https://youtu.be/zDYvk3OP1wY





Posted 6/16/19.....

Johnny Winter  - Live Through The ‘70s - A 2008 MVD Entertainment Group release…

This DVD has gathered up both live-in-concert and television performances (1970-1979) from Texas blues guitarist Johnny Winter, and it features stops in Denmark, Germany and London in addition to native soil appearances in Chicago and Waterbury, Connecticut...

Recommended tracks:

  1. “Frankenstein” - from a 1970 performance...Albino blues brothers Johnny AND Edgar play on this instrumental that Edgar later on parlayed into a monstrous hit (he first released it in studio form two years later, via his 1972 album They Only Come Out At Night.)  The setting is a small stage in a low-ceilinged, firetrap-lookin’ teen club in Denmark, Copenhagen and the jam includes not one but two drum solos (one by Edgar, who jumped over from keyboards to drum kit perhaps to prove his “multi-instrumentalist” tag was warranted).  Admittedly, the song as performed here is not entirely captivating; it’s just worth a peek because of the look and feel of a young and hungry blues-rock band bangin’ it out in a club setting.
  2. “Be Careful With A Fool” - This is more like it.  From that same 1970 Denmark club session, Johnny stretches out on a B.B. King composition and plays heartfelt blues-rock riffs punctuated by his own guttural growls that seem to goad his flying fingers.  This is the Winter of my content--the more straight-ahead blues before he blossomed into an arena headliner a few years down the road, sometimes wearing (as he did on a ’73 Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert appearance), a top hat, cape and platform shoes.

Also on the disc:  Winter with bandmates Randy Jo Hobbs (bass) and Richard Hughes (drums) in performances circa ’73 and ’74, the time period that—on vinyl—Winter was also pushing out albums like Still Alive And Well and Saints & Sinners, both featuring guitarist Rick Derringer as well.  Still Alive And Well—a release so named because it marked Winter’s personal emergence from a heroin habit—is especially a treat.  Village Voice music critic Robert Christgau says of that record:  Winter will never be an especially personable singer, but I like what's he's putting out on this monkey-off-my-comeback: two late-Stones covers, plenty of slide, and a good helping of nasty.





Posted 6/3/19.....

Glastonbury - A Julien Temple film - A musical documentary (BBC Films / HanWay Films / TH!NKFilm) released as a two-DVD set in June 2007.





Posted 10/3/16...


Just a few weeks back, while filling the shopping cart on Amazon.com, I decided to put my near-future satisfactions in the hands of the Police...So I bought the following two concert DVDs, curious about what a gap of 24 years might look and sound like in terms of two different tours, that many years apart:

When the shipment arrived, musicasaurus.com did a quick experiment right out of the box (or boxes, technically).  I took one song, and not any of the hits which have nestled sometimes too well into our consciousness; to seek some measure of objectivity, I chose a track from the band’s first studio album Outlandos d’Amour from 1978--“Hole In My Life”.

It’s been a favorite album track of mine through the years, all punky and propulsive.  How would the songs compare?  In this corner:  The Police during their initial 9-year ascension to global superstardom.  In the other corner:  The Police reunited after 21 years apart--and was it for Love?  Or was it for Money?  Was it for Love of Money?

Comparing the Two Performances of "Hole In My Life" (performed live, 24 years apart):

The Crowd:

The On-Stage Look:

Production Values:





Posted 5/5/19.....

LIVE AID—July 13, 1985.....Various artists; staged simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.....DVD released in November 2004.




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THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST, VOLUME THREE..... The UK’s legendary live music show (DVD released in 2006).

This is the third volume in the 1971-1987 British television series that largely captured English and American artists in a high-quality, in-studio performance setting.

Musicasaurus.com’s Recommended Tracks in this Volume Three:




Posted 3/24/19.....

I stumbled upon an interesting DVD recently, and had known nothing about it beforehand.  It’s a unique mix of a concert and a history lesson—uh, remember the Alamo?

On the evening of May 2, 2005, an outfit called WOW Music Group produced and filmed a concert at the Alamo and there are full song performances on the resulting DVD from Gipsy Kings, Lyle Lovett, Los Lobos and…Arc Angels!  The latter is a supergroup—and maybe only rock snobs call them that—composed of killer guitarists Doyle Bramhall II (who’s played with Clapton) and Charlie Sexton (who’s played with Dylan), plus the rhythm section from Steve Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble, drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon.  Back in 1992 Arc Angels released their self-titled debut album, and it is still one of musicasaurus.com’s favorite classic rock indulgences because of its rock ‘n’ roll heart and searing blues hues.  The DVD might be worth it for the Angels alone, but the other performances are really fairly riveting as well.

Here’s an explanatory snippet or two from a July 9, 2007 press release about the project and the event, from Cary Floyd of the WOW Music Group:

“The Remember The Alamo concert was designed to pay tribute to the Alamo and the City of San Antonio through an entertaining, made-for-history musical event. The concert film, via performances by some of the world’s best-known artists and light-hearted comedic entertainment by Paul Rodriguez, retells the story of the 13-day battle that took place in 1836, thus solidifying the Alamo shrine as an historical wonder of early American culture.

“The 90-plus minute concert film includes a documentary about the Alamo and an historical tour of the shrine led by Alamo Director David Stewart and Paul Rodriguez.”

Also interesting as hell:  The WOW Music Group were attacking this project as one of more to come.  They had created the concept of a Wonders of the World Music Series which was intended to marry together on film “distinguished musical artists with the world’s most storied historical sites”—and they may have since pulled another one off at the Great Wall of China, with more planned for the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower and other key historic hotspots.  Cool idea, but I have no update on their progress…





Posted 3/10/19.....

Windham Hill is a record label—often labeled New Age—founded in 1976 by acoustic guitarist Will Ackerman.  By the time the compact disc began to penetrate home sound systems in the early 1980s, the label had expanded beyond its original folk emphasis into world and electronic music as well.  The Windham Hill “sound” became a brand of sorts; the production was superior, the album art classy, and the artist roster impressive.

Windham Hill In Concert...featuring the music of Will Ackerman, Scott Cossu, Michael Hedges and Shadowfax...released in 1986 (Windham Hill Productions, Inc. / Pioneer Entertainment)




Posted 2/24/19.....

Peter Gabriel’s Secret World Live…..This concert DVD is a product of Geffen Records / Real World productions; filmed in Modena, Italy on tour in 1994.

The Secret World Live band:

Musicasaurus.com’s recommended tracks:




Posted 2/10/19


This two-DVD set captures for posterity sixty-six musical performances that aired on The Johnny Cash TV Show from the summer of 1969 through March of 1971.  The show was produced in Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium which was, back then, the home of the Grand Ole Opry.  Johnny’s show was the first major network series produced at this venue, and as the DVD’s informational brochure points out, the Ryman today is a “refurbished, restored landmark.  The ’69 version, cramped and creaky, was untouched by modern heating and cooling.”




Posted 1/27/19.....

MUSIC SCENE:  THE BEST OF 1969-1970, Volume 2.....(DVD released in 2001)




Posted 1/13/19.....

Bryan Adams - Unplugged - recorded September 26, 1997 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC - part of MTV’s Unplugged series - released on DVD in 2002




Posted 12/30/18.....

Musicasaurus.com was trolling for new concert DVD purchases when Celebration at Big Sur popped up on my computer screen--lo and behold, finally, here was a DVD of the September 13 & 14, 1969 folk festival at Big Sur, California.  I had heard about this particular “gathering of the tribes”, and that it had occurred just one month after the newly minted Woodstock generation was born on Max Yasgur’s farm in Bethel, New York.  But I hadn’t been aware that the film of this festival had finally seen a DVD release in 2011, forty-two years after the event...

Big Sur is a pretty, pristine location where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean on California’s central coast, and from 1964 through 1971, the Big Sur Folk Festival was held there on the grounds of the Esalen Institute.  (The institute is a non-profit organization that espouses humanistic alternative education via teachings and workshop settings, and it promotes spiritual growth, psychology, environmental stewardship, mediation, organic food--you know, all of the things that the late-‘60s hippies should have embraced, without the detours to the brown acid and the EZ widers.)

The 1969 Celebration at Big Sur is a great snapshot of Sixties Youth and Change:




Posted 12/16/18.....

Classic Albums:  The Band (The Band) - Isis Productions / Distributed by Eagle Rock Entertainment.




Posted 12/2/18.....

Here’s a brief look at an early 1970s “master and commander” who was steeped in tradition and yet wooed & wowed the youth market during that era of unparalleled musical experimentation brewing in San Francisco...

Commander Cody - Blues-Rock Legends Vol. I (part of the Rockpalast series of concert DVDs recorded for German television, starting in 1974) - This particular performance was recorded on July 1, 1980.




Posted 11/4/18.....

Here’s a mixed bag of concert DVDs--one is from a North Carolina band whose style is a mash-up of influences.....the second is by a classic rock lygynd--er, legend.....and the last one features Finnish and Swedish jazz fusion guitarists.  If one doesn’t fulfill, you know another probably will...

The three DVDs:


  1. The Avett Brothers - Live, Volume 3 - recorded on August 8, 2009 at Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, NC
    • The band:  Two brothers front this North Carolina band that incorporates a wide number of influences into their music--folk, bluegrass, country, pop, alternative, and more.
    • Musicasaurus.com’s recommended track:  A tossup between “I and Love and You” (reminiscent--a little, at least--of The Band) and “Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise”.
  2. Lynyrd Skynyrd - A double feature DVD including Freebird: The Movie and Tribute Tour 
    • FreeBird: The Movie is part documentary and part concert film, originally released in 1996.  Most of the live footage emanates from a festival performance in England in 1976, after Skynyrd had added guitarist Steve Gaines to the band.
    • Tribute Tour is a documentary about Skynyrd post-plane crash, and their decision ten years after that band-ending calamity to do a Tribute Tour--a reemergence that led to resurgence).
    • Musicasaurus.com’s recommended track from Freebird: The Movie:  Hands down, it has to be “That Smell”.  The band is crisp, tight and focused, and the guitar work by Steve Gaines and Gary Rossington is enough to make even non-smokers grab a lighter.  The song’s performance was shot in black & white which is neither a distraction or a detraction, but it also (unfortunately) has less-than-stellar sound reproduction.  Still, it’s a powerhouse performance.
  3. Jukka Tolonen and Coste Apetrea - Scandinavian Guitars - recorded February 19, 1982 at Holbaek Power Plant
    • The artists:  Jukka Tolonen is a Finnish jazz-rock guitarist of great renown in his native country, and he’s been on that music scene since the early 1970s.  While pulling together musicians for his five-man band in 1977, Tolonen welcomed in the Swedish fusion guitarist Coste Apetrea, and in 1982 the two paired up for a special acoustic evening concert which was videotaped for future sale.
    • Musicasaurus.com’s recommended track:  There are only four tracks on this 35-minute DVD, and all of them swing in this lovely acoustic-only, all-instrumental setting.  While one handles rhythm flourishes the other is tearing off fleet-fingered leads, and the style is a melting pot of influences including classical, jazz, Gypsy, and more.  Not for all tastes, but quite intriguing due to the level of artistry on display.




Posted 10/21/18.....

SHORT TAKES.....A couple of concert DVDs and recommended tracks...


1. GUSTER.....from Guster On Ice / Live From Portland Maine.....released in 2004.

2. R.E.M......from Perfect Square.....released in 2003.





Posted 10/7/18.....


Musicasaurus.com’s Recommended Tracks from Three DVDs recently unearthed from the archives…

1. The Jeff Beck Group’s “Situation”.....From the DVD The Jeff Beck Group / Got The Feeling...This is Beck circa ’71-’72, when his group featured Bobby Tench on vocals (even though the DVD cover clearly shows Rod Stewart, who by this time had left the band).  This unit produced two albums from this era, Rough And Ready and The Jeff Beck Group....Though the sound quality is flat--i.e., this television appearance predates any real audio advances in this area--the performance is blistering with Beck on guitar, Max Middleton on keyboards, and Cozy Powell on drums.

2. X’s “The New World”.....From the DVD X: Live in Los Angeles...This concert by this American punk-and-folk rock band was recorded in their hometown of L.A. in 2004 as a celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of their debut album Los Angeles.  The stand-out song of the moment is “The New World” which originally came from their 1983 album--the band’s fourth--More Fun In The New World, produced by ex-Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek.

3. Counting Crows’ “Anna Begins”.....From the DVD August And Everything After / Live At Town Hall...This 2011 DVD is the first official “live in concert” video release by the group, and it captures an innovative and accomplished rock band in its musical prime, aided immeasurably by the walking, stalking, ruminating, words-tumbling-forth style of lead singer Adam Duritz.  The performance consists of all songs, front-to-back, from their first album August And Everything After released in 1993...“Anna Begins” beautifully unfolds; it is like Theatre of the Mind--more precisely, a revealing and most melodious excursion into Duritz’s mind.





Posted 9/23/18.....

America:  A Tribute To Heroes (aired on television and the internet on September 21, 2001, and released on DVD & CD on December 4th of that year)





Posted 9/9/18.....

Stevie Wonder’s Live At Last (released in 2008)





Posted 8/26/18.....

Steely Dan:  Aja (released in 2006)




Posted 8/12/18: 

Abstract Logix Live!  The New Universe Music Festival (released in 2001)




Posted 7/29/18:  

Two concert DVDs that have at least a track each that are worth the price of admission to your music DVD collection:

Electric Light Orchestra:  Zoom Tour Live (released in 2001)

Calexico:  Live from Austin, Texas (released in 2009)